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About us is a guide to world motorsport circuits, providing track maps, circuit histories and video of onboard laps for the major operational circuits around the world.  

Our aim is simple: to catalogue all tracks currently in use and provide useful information for the casual fan watching at home on television or for enthusiasts who want  to visit circuits for track days or to watch events.  Given the large numbers of circuits in operation, this is a large project which will take time to complete, but we will continue to add tracks and update existing circuit pages as long as there is new content to add.  We also hope to add information about historic circuits in due course.

All track maps have been created specifically for this website and we have curated the best onboard footage we can find for each of the circuits listed, so you can get a feel for what it is like to drive a lap in anger around each course.

Who are we?

The website was founded by Neil Tipton, who is the editor, webmaster, social media scribe and chief bottle-washer. Neil has had an interest in the history of motor racing circuits for slightly longer than there's been an internet on which to share it. As a result, his wife is absolutely delighted by the number of circuit-related books, photos and other ephemera he has collected over the years...

Neil's first website on the subject was set up in 1998 as e-Tracks online, with the lofty aim of documenting all permanent and temporary racing circuits worldwide.  More than 20 years later, that ambition has still not been fulfilled and the site has now morphed into the more easily understood  

When not sitting in front of a computer screen (hardly ever) updating the website, Neil likes to watch motor racing (either in person or in front of yet another screen), his beloved Manchester City Football Club and, to offset this otherwise sedentary lifestyle, takes part in Park Runs on a Saturday morning whenever his schedule allows.

Our other regular contributer is Peter Lee, who helps with drawing a number of the circuit maps. It is often a cliche when people say they've had an interest in something all their life, but in the case of Peter, this is very much true. As a toddler, he would attend motorcycle club race meetings to watch his dad race and then join him to view the professionals on the TV back home. Forget cartoons and children's TV programmes, Peter could be found watching VHS tapes of motorsport of all types. From late 80's and 90's 500cc GP's, to watching Damon Hill take his F1 World Championship in 1996, he would watch them all, despite being too young to remember.

Fast forward to today, and with just over two decades of motorsport knowledge behind him, Peter has commentated on eSports with one of the largest Sim Racing websites in the business, produced artwork showing all Formula 1 and MotoGP circuits to scale, and began his career working for the largest automotive car care company in Europe, as well as being one of the newest members of this website.