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2014 to date

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    2.858 miles / 4.600 km

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Circuit Info

Address: Autódromo Internacional de Codegua, El golf 40, Santiago, Chile

PH: +56 2 2594 7516

Circuit type: Permanent road course


Circuit History

The Autódromo Internacional de Codegua is Chile's attempt to create a world class venue to tempt the major motorsport categories. Opened in May 2014, the circuit near the city of Rancagua is already well on the way to fulfilling its aims.

The project is the brainchild of four entrepreneurs, Luis Toledo, Pedro Ortiz, Mauricio Barrios and Juan Pablo Morales, who were keen to have a fully functional circuit near to the country's capital. The group purchased 170 hectares of land and began planning their dream.

Circuit plans were drawn up by Morales, an architect by trade, and the project began quietly in 2009, with construction work beginning the following year. Showing their intent, the FIM was invited to see plans, with safety commission chair Franco Uncini visiting the site to give an overview. As a result of this input, the proposed track direction was reversed and a number of corners revised.

Construction proper began in 2012 and the circuit slowly began to emerge. By May 2014, the northern portion of the circuit, complete with pits, grandstand and race control tower were complete, allowing the first competitive action to begin. Completion of the remainder of the full course was due to be complete in time for the November visit of the popular Argentine Super TC2000 touring cars.

The Dorna organisation has also announced Codegua as a venue for the 2015 World Superbike Championship, with the aim of future inclusion on the MotoGP calendar.  However, neither event came to pass and the circuits remains hosting largely national level events.

Getting There

The Autódromo Internacional de Codegua is located near to the city of Rancagua in Chile's O'Higgins region.  The nearest airport is Santiago's Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, around 95 kms to the north or an hour and 20 minute's drive away.

The circuit is located close to Highway 5, which links Santiago with Rancagua.  Leave Highway 5 and turn onto route 145, signposted for 'Recinto Jamboree'.  Follow 145 until you reach the turning right onto route 15, singposted for La Leonera and Codegua.  After a short distance you will see a turning to the left signposted for 'Estadio Municipal' - follow this road until you reach the circuit.

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