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The Autódromo Rosendo Hernández is a racetrack located in the Province of San Luis , Argentina. Owned by the Auto Moto Club San Luis, it first opened in 2003 and was built to attract Argentina's premier racing series, the stock cars of Turismo Carretera.

Following an extensive remodelling in 2007, it has become renowned as one of the safest circuits on the TC calendar.

Circuit History

The original course was flat, technical and fairly featureless. Modern in configuration, it was nevertheless quite narrow and didn't exactly set pulses racing. Being set in a semi-arid climate, dust clouds formed by cars as they put a wheel off the racing surface were a constant issue, as was the high preponderance of slow speed turns, which were not favourable to the stock cars. After one race in 2003, Turismo Carretera decided to race elsewhere, though the circuit did continue on the TC 2000 touring car calendar for several years.

To address these problems, the circuit closed in 2006 for extensive remodelling, which saw a new much quicker layout constructed, taking the width of the track up to almost 50 feet. Many safety measures were added, including kerbing and grass and asphalt run-off areas to remove the dust problems. The original layout is still there among the infield but is no longer actively used.

The changes worked, creating a much more challenging track which is now considered among the best the country has to offer. Restored to the Turismo Carretera calendar from 2007, the circuit quickly became widely adopted by the major Argentine series.

In 2014, Turismo Carretera again elected to race elsewhere, but the track rebounded by beginning to host a round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. The 2014 event was won by champion Petter Solberg, while the 2015 running was taken by Robin Larsson.

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Autódromo de San Luis, San Luis, Argentina

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