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The Autódromo Parque Provincia del Neuquén (sometimes known Autódromo Parque Ciudad de Centenario)  is a modern circuit opened in 2009 near to the town of Centenario in Argentina's Neuquén Province. 

Today the circuit continues to host the Turismo Carrera each year, alongside a full calendar of local racing, including Monomarca Gol and  Fórmula 3 Metropolitana.

Circuit History

The circuit was built by the provincial government on land donated by the Asociación Automovilística Centenario Competición, which was created in 1982 to organise and promote motorsport locally. Championed by its president Julio Óscar "Lito" Holzmann, construction of the track took 24 months with a team of 70 people, following an investment of AR $18,000,000.

The site covers some 190 hectares and construction of the circuit took 24 months. First to sample the new facility were Juan Manuel Silva and Norberto Fontana, who lapped the completed course in their Honda and Toyota TC2000 touring cars.

The same year the circuit hosted a round of the TC2000 series, although the weather gods decided to make it a hectic affair. Qualifying had to be suspended with 10 minutes to go when high winds forced a halt to proceedings, creating scrambled grid. On race day, the heavens opened, though the race finished with a drying track, with Mariano Werner winning for Toyota.

Leonel Pernía, who raced during the inaugural meeting had good praise for the track. "It is a circuit that has a very good asphalt, very even and without any bumps or slopes. The track is wide and the kerbs are very well built. In short, it is a modern layout, very well done. 

The circuit was part of the TC2000 for a further years, before the Turismo Carretera became the main attraction in subsequent years, while the Top Race V6 made a solitary appearance in 2013.

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Autódromo Parque Provincia del Neuquén, 8309 Centenario, Neuquén, Argentina

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