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Future of Former NASCAR Tracks Remains Unclear

Rockingham Speedway's future remains in the balance. Photo: Matt Herring
 Sam Collins
 Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The future of two former NASCAR tracks is unclear as legal wranglings in the USA continue.

The deadline for the sale of Nashville Superspeedway to a company called NeXovation Inc. has been extended three times after agreement was reached between the purchaser and the track's current owners Dover Motorsports. The agreement would see Nashville sold for $46m with $27m in direct payment and another $18.8m in bonds owed to Wilson County, where the track is situated.

The track has been closed since 2011 and NeXovation's plans for it remain unclear, other than they see its future going beyond just motor racing. NeXovation also was a serious bidder for the purchase of the Nurburgring.

Meanwhile the famous Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina faces foreclosure after a court ordered sale has apparently failed to go ahead. Superior Court Judge David Lee issued a consent order in October 2014 requiring owners Andy Hillenburg and Bill Silas to "enter into a binding agreement with a third party for the sale or other disposition" of the track by Jan. 1 in order to avoid foreclosure.

No news of any sale has been forthcoming, though curiously a veterans charity called claims that is trying to raise the finance to purchase the property and turn it into a veterans' rehabilitation centre (while retaining motorsport operations).

A number of other former NASCAR venues have closed in recent years and some like North Wilkesboro and Nazareth Speedway sit abandoned.

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