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The Brooklyn Street Circuit is the New York home of the FIA Formula E Championship, playing host to the New York City E-Prix since 2017.

The course is situated at the west end of the Red Hook neighbourhood in western Brooklyn, adjacent to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and the Atlantic Basin, the small body of water within the Upper New York Bay served by the terminal.

While the Red Hook area itself is perhaps not the most exciting, it does enable the course to have the entire Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, which certainly suits the TV cameras.

Circuit History

Over the years numerous attempts have been made to host street racing in New York, with multiple Formula 1 and Indycar street circuits mooted but never coming to fruition. Finally, 2017 saw the dream become a reality, when Formula E hosted its first event in the city, with the Lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty as impressive backdrops.

Originally a 13-corner, 1.214 mile circuit was proposed, running anti-clockwise around a different layout to that which was finally put in place. In the end, a 1.214 miles course with 10 turns and running clockwise was actually built for the 2017 race.

The main and second straights utilise the north-south stretch of Bowne Street (which turns south after entering the terminal area), adjacent to Pier 11 of the terminal. Curving west, the track then parallels Clinton Wharf towards the Buttermilk Channel coastline. The Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan skyline form a backdrop, though the circuit itself has something of an industrial feel to it.

For the 2018 race, the circuit was lengthened to 1.475 miles, extending the course farther north and west to Summit Street and Hamilton Avenue. A four-turn complex was added where the previous Turn One hairpin had been, featuring a left-hander and three right-handed turns leading to the second straight. The Turn 8 and 9 chicane (Turns 12 and 13 on the revised course) was also eased, creating a more flowing layout.

In 2019, further minor revisions were made, with the Turn 10 hairpin widened and relocated slightly closer to Turns 9 and 11, while the pit lane was moved to Bowne Street, alongside the main straight and allowing the finish line to be located in the same position as the start line.

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