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It's the Tilke track you've probably never heard of, nestled deep in Georgia near the home town of one of NASCAR's biggest names. Atlanta Motorsports Park (or AMP is it is often shortened to) opened in 2013 and is a surprising mix of old-school crests and dips, about as far removed from Abu Dhabi or Sochi as you could imagine.

Set in the breathtaking Blue Ridge mountains near Dawsonville, the track is one of the many motorsports ranch-style venues that have sprung up in recent years. It offers members the chance legally drive their cars fast in a controlled environment while sharing their passion with like minded-motorsports enthusiasts. 

By combining exclusive events with extensive track time and luxurious amenities, AMP provides access to a whole new lifestyle to be enjoyed by friends, family, and clients.

Circuit History

Located just outside Dawsonville (home of 'Awesome' Bill Elliot), the track is the brainchild of businessman and keen amateur racer Jeremy W. Porter, who could see the potential for a country-club style-circuit for car lovers, deep in NASCAR territory. Aiming high, Hermann Tilke was employed to come up with the track layout, while facilities were conceived to provide "Ritz Carlton" levels of service.

It's not hard to see where the inspiration came from for at least half of the track – though it's not the two European 'classic' circuits that the track management would have you believe. Instead, the final portion of the lap is a virtual facsimile of Motorland Aragón, another Tilke track and undeniably one of his better efforts. The Eau Rouge/Raidillion section from Spa and the Nürburgring's Carousel are said to be inspirations elsewhere, though this writer at least can find few similarities to those classic corners but nevertheless the track does feature some rather pleasing elevation changes throughout the lap.

“Our mission is to create a world class environment for drivers and adrenaline lovers of all ages and abilities to experience motorsports and reach their performance driving goals while making enduring connections with like-minded enthusiasts.”

Atlanta Motorsports Park

The 16-turn course held its first race in November 2013, when it hosted the inaugural ChumpCar World Series Race, an endurance series for amateur drivers in equally amateur cars. Mazda Miatas have also raced here, while the circuit is popular for track day events.

Club members get a variable number of guaranteed days of track time, depending on the level of membership purchased. In addition to access to the track, AMP membership provides members with other activities including a wide range of outdoor pursuits, from horseback riding, to biking, tennis and hiking trails. There is also a fitness centre, children's play area, pool and club house, while members also are allowed access to the private showers, kitchen, and private lounge areas.

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Atlanta Motorsports Park, 20 Duck Thurmond Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534, USA
+1 678-381-8527
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