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The Autódromo Guadalajara (also known as the Autódromo Toluquilla) is a multi-use sports facility located in Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Circuit History

Established in 1993, the track features a drag strip and road racing course, with the start/finish straight and pits separated from the drag strip, which runs parallel to the circuit, with the bottom run off portion being utilised for the second straight of the road course.

Largely flat, the circuit is fairly fast and free-flowing throughout the majority of its length until reaching the final complex and turns, which are relatively tight and twisty.

In the early 2000s the circuit was refreshed with two shorter variations, though these have not seen significant use, save for motorcycle track days.

Today the track is owned by Dipsa Motorsports and is run as a sister circuit of the Autódromo Monterrey. In recent years, the circuit has been eschewed by the major national championships, with a deteriorating track surface not helping matters. However, the circuit was resurfaced in its entirety in 2020, so it may yet return to national prominence.

As well as continued drag races, the circuit hosts local and regional racing, track days and promotional events, alongside general testing.

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Autódromo Guadalajara, Av. Adolf Bernard Horn Junior 6600, Santa Cruz del Valle, Jal., Mexico
+52 33 3811 8240
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