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Kuwait Motor Town

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  • Timeline
  • 2019 to date

2019 to date

  • Grand Prix Circuit

    3.485 miles / 5.609km

  • North Circuit

    1.703 miles / 2.740 km

  • South Circuit

    0.992 miles / 1.597 km

Circuit Info

Address: Kuwait Motor Town, King Fahad Road (40), Kilo 51, Kuwait

PH: +965 2206 4777

Circuit type: Permanent road course


Circuit History

Kuwait Motor Town is the Persian Gulf state’s first permanent motorsport venue, opened to the public in 2018 and set for its debut year of circuit racing in 2019. Setting its sights high, the main course is fully certified as an FIA Grade 1 and FIM Grade A facility, giving the potential for top-class two and four-wheeled action to be held here in the future.

The new facility is situated in the area of Arifjan, 52km south of Kuwait City, and was constructed in just 14 months.  Created under the auspices of the Amir of Kuwait, it is managed by the royal palace, with the aim of putting Kuwait on the world motorsports map.

The site holds seven different race tracks, including main circuit of 3.485 miles (5.609km) designed by Hermann Tilke and also features facilities for drag racing, karting, motocross, rally and dune racing. The race track itself was laid by the Arizona National Company in association with Trimble, the machine control technologies company, with all facilities completed by December 2018

Grandstand seating can accommodate around 8,000 spectators, including more than 750 VIP seats, media facilities, 32 pit garages and on-site parking for around 3,300 vehicles.

As is often the case in the Gulf states, ambitions are very high.  Aside from racing, the project envisages developing Kuwait Motor Town in a multi-purpose entertainment facility, complete with hotels, driver training centres, a shopping centre with premium brands connected to the auto industry and restaurants and cafes. A neighbouring engineering centre will offer a wide range of research and development opportunities, in conjunction with Kuwait University, while a 25,000 sq metre open area right in the heart of the circuit, known as the Oasis, will add to the variety of sport and leisure opportunities.

In total, the whole project will cost an expected $162.27 million and will be completed in several phases following on from the circuit, with the hotel and a shopping mall expected to be next in progress.

Getting There

Kuwait Motor Town is located at Arifjan, 52 km south of Kuwait City.  Kuwait International Airport is around a 30 minute drive to the north of the circuit.

From the airport or Kuwait City itself, head south on Route 40 (King Fahad Road) to KM 41. Drive through the main gate and head straight for the circuit car park, from where the Welcome Centre and all KMT activities are only a short walk away.

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