Circuit Type

Artist's drawing of V1 Tianjin International Circuit

Some circuits are a mix of permanent and temporary facilities, such as V1 Tianjin International Circuit  Image: V1 Auto World

Racing circuits have evolved from the early origins of the sport, where circuits were formed from closed sections of public road, into fully-bespoke professional motorsport facilities which are easily the match for any sporting venue around the world.

Circuits can be classified into three types:

  • Permanent circuits: these are dedicated facilities for motorsport, often specifically built for the purpose (though sometimes they may evolved over time from temporary facilities)
  • Temporary circuits: these are facilities which are established for the duration of a specific event and then dismantled.
  • Semi-permanent circuits: These may be permanent facilities that incorporate sections of public road (such as Le Mans) or circuits which are comprised of public road or parkland roads but with permanent facilities such as pits, paddock area and grandstands (such as Mount Panorama).