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The Fort Grozny Autodrom (Russian: Крепость Грозная) - often referred to by its nickname of "Fortress Terrible" - is a modern multi-discipline complex in the city of Grozny, which opened in 2015. Built with the support of the Government of the Chechen Republic, it is the only facility of its kind in the region and one of the largest in the North Caucasus.

Designed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Andrey Kitov's Moscow Circuit Design Group, the 67 hectare site features a circuit built to FIA Grade 2 standards, drift tracks, a drag-strip, category B karting track cat.B and off-road driving facilities. Unusually, the drag strip has a bridge over its final portion, creating a unique view for competitors.

Circuit History

Built on the site of a former oil refinery, Fort Grozny has quickly become a staple on the Russian racing scene.

The main course has two variants, though the 1.918 mile / 3.086 km version is preferred for racing. A figure-of-eight drift area is incorporated within the main circuit, which also shares part of the 870 metre drag strip as its start-finish straight, though the staging area remains separate.

The area's climate provides favourable weather conditions which allow year-round running - when snow comes, the circuit is used for ice-racing and winter driving events. The first full season of competition in 2016 started in late January and ended in December, with more than 70 events held during that period.

Today the circuit hosts rounds of the major Russian series, including the Russian Circuit Racing Series, which made its debut in 2016. It has also hosted the Czech Republic karting series, while there are numerous drag and drifting events throughout the year.

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Fort Grozny Autodrom, ul. Khimikov, Groznyy, Chechen Republic, Russia, 364913
+7 928 479-45-45
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