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MotorPark Romania was the first permanent professional racing circuit in Romania, opening at the end of 2014 and being completed and inaugurated in its fully extended form the following year.

The circuit caters for both cars and motorcycles, offering modern facilities for racing, testing and driver/rider training. Relatively flat with wide open expanses around it, the circuit is popular with motorcycle riders.

Correspondingly, it is host to the Romanian Superbike Championship, MotoRC and a wealth of national and local championship races, as well as a driving academy established by Ferrari racers Giancarlo Fisichella and Marco Cioci.

Circuit History

MotorPark Romania was the dream of entrepreneur and motorsport enthusiast Cătălin Manea, who set out to found the first permanent racing facility in Romania in around 2010.  After searching for a suitable place to set up such a facility, he settled on the community of Adâncata, around 50km from Bucharest, finding a strong supporter for the project in the form of the local mayor.

After being shown three possible sites, the land to the north east of the town was chosen and the planning process began.  After just over a year, planning was approved and after a further 6 months, permits were issued to begin construction.

The foundation stone was laid in June 2012, marking what would prove to be a two-year build progress.  The track layout itself was penned by Manea and Ionut Mistode, the organiser of the Romanian Superbike Championship, with the pair aiming to build a medium-speed facility which would be as safe as possible for novice riders and drivers, as well as seasoned competitors.

"We tried to make the track deliver everything, explained Manea.  "It has a hairpin after the straight, which facilitates overtaking. It has technical areas on it which difficult to ride and also some height changes. We tried with one circuit to include what other countries have in several circuits."

The circuit build was completed in two stages, with the first opening in 2014 and excluding the loop which would go on to form the final section of the lap.  This was completed a year later.  The layout is divided into three sections which can be combined in a variety of ways, the longest of which is 2.566 miles / 4.129 km.  The course can be run in either direction, though clockwise running is the most common.

The first races took place at the end of 2014 and since 2015 the circuit has gone on to host a range of national motorsport events, club racing and track days, alongside private testing.

The circuit features a main building, terraces for public access, speakers around the perimeter, a state-of-the-art timing system and a restaurant. Spectator viewing is also good, thanks to the largely flat nature of the track, although it is limited to the top of the pit lane building.  A separate grandstand is planned for future years, though the circuit can accommodate around 2,000 spectators without it.

In 2021, a new venture called Top Gun Drive Experience was established at the track by racers Giancarlo Fisichella, Marco Cioci and business partner Gianluca Spoletini.  The unique driving academy is aimed at young kart racers looking to take their first step into formula or touring car racing.  Across the three days of the academy, the young karters are coached in the classroom, in a simulator and on track by Fisichella and Cioci, before run outs in Formula 4 and Radical SR1 cars.

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MotorPark Romania, DN 101B, Adâncata, jud. Ialomita, Romania
+40 722 626 191
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