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Following a recent extension, the Botniaring has transformed itself from a relatively short and twisty circuit into what was Finland's longest and fastest raceway, until the advent of the KymiRing. 

The circuit, located at Jurva, hosts motorsport from April to October but remains open throughout the autumn and winter months for driving training, including on ice and snow.

It is host to the main Finnish road racing competitions, including the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, Nordic racing and a 12 hour night endurance race - though being held in July, there's actually not a great deal of running in the dark thanks to the long summer hours!

Circuit History

The track originally opened in 1989 with a short 1.627 miles (2.618 km) course which twisted back and forth inside a roughly rectangular layout. It did nonetheless prove good for tight, exciting racing battles, even if its length meant it would only ever accommodate Finnish racing championships and club events. The infield could also be bypassed with a short section of straight to create an 'oval', though in reality this was several straights linked by near 90 degree corners and was rarely used for racing events.

From 2011 onwards, planning began to extend the circuit to create the longest track in the country. Preliminary plans were scrutinised by drivers and teams and a virtual version created so it could be tested in a simulator, with feedback then incorporated into the final design. Work to create the circuit extension began in 2012 and was complete for the 2013 racing season.

As well as a longer multi-layout course, the new development included full test and training facilities, allowing anyone to evaluate their driving skills in safe conditions with their own cars or motorcycles every week on an open training day. The test track is also used for the automotive and tyre industry for the development of vehicles.

The full track now measures 2.494 miles (4.014 km) and also has a high speed chicane, which is one of a kind in Finland. As the track was extended the tarmac was renewed on the older section as well, so the whole track is very smooth and in good condition overall.

Facilities are good for such a small venue, even boasting a restaurant which serves the track users, local residents as well as tourists traveling from a distance. The restaurant remains open to all even if the track is reserved.

The lease of Botnia Raceway Oy, the long-term tenant and operator of the circuit, expired in the 2013 season. From the 2014  onwards, the operations of the course have been run by Lintuharju Motorsport Area Ltd.

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Botniaring, Kauhajoentie 688, 66300 Jurva, Finland
+358 400 661 994
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