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Something of a hidden gem and the longest permanent racing circuit in Thailand, Kaeng Krachan Circuit (Thai: แก่งกระจานเซอร์กิต) opened in 2009 to cater for the burgeoning interest in motorsport in the country.

Elongated and twisty, it features numerous elevation changes as it winds its way through a valley, which also has the benefit of affording good spectator views of the entire facility.

Circuit History

The circuit was the brainchild of racers Somchai Srijirarat and Ekprawat Petcharak who wanted a new venue to support a wide range of racing activity. 

In 2008, they chose a parcel of land in Kaeng Krachan district, around two hours drive from Bangkok, and began work. Petcharak conducted a survey of the land and a layout was quickly formulated to make best use of the available contours. Construction work was rapid, with the entire facility ready for action in just 10 months.

Divided into three layouts - the full-length track of 2.9 km long; a medium-length 2.39 km version and a short 1 km variant - the circuit is a tricky challenge to master, with a wide variety of corner types and technical sections.

In July 2009, the course welcomed the first car race and in August of that year came the first Honda Racing Festival, despite the finishing touches still being put to the facilities.  A large crowd came out to watch more than 100 cars taking part in the various races.

Today Kaeng Krachan Circuit hosts several kinds of racing events: national level, club level, auto and motorcycle racing schools, trackdays and other activities such as product launches, movie and advertisement filming.

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Kaeng Krachan Circuit, Wangchan, Kaeng Krachan, Kaeng Krachan District, Phetchaburi 76170, Thailand
+66 86 333 6666
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